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Lupit Pole SL Classic Mount

LUPIT POLE SLOPE CEILING is made to be used when the ceiling is not parallel to the floor and can be used for any inclination. It must be permanently fixed to the ceiling to provide maximum safety and stability of the pole. Since it absorbs the flexibility of the pole during exercise, the pole will maintain excellent spin performance.

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  • Permanent ceiling mount
  • Adjustable for unlevel ceiling
  • Drilled to ceiling
  • Suitable for Lupit Pole Classic and Lupit Pole Diamond


Make sure there is no installations (electricity, water lines, gas lines) or other dangerous obstacles.

We recommend LUPIT POLE SLOPE CEILING MOUNT to be installed only on the concrete ceiling. If the ceiling is made of any other material or plaster ceiling-wall, construction should be checked by an expert and extra reinforced if needed.

All four holes must be used for fixing the LUPIT POLE SLOPE CEILING MOUNT.

To calculate the pole assembly, measure vertical distance from the middle point of the LUPIT POLE SLOPE CEILING MOUNT to the floor. Reduce the distance measured by 50-60mm, and use that reduced measure in the LUPIT POLE height chart (view the chart under the Lupit Pole Classic & Diamond products on our website).

Use the LUPT POLE CLASSIC/DIAMOND Instructions for use or Installation video for installation.

Be extra careful at the point of tightening the pole. Make sure the pole is not over-tightened, which can cause damage to the ceiling or can loosen the LUPIT POLE SLOPE CEILING MOUNT.

Before every pole exercise, check the stability of the pole by shaking it hardly.

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