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X-Stage Lite

The X-Stage Lite is very stable and has all the same features as the X-Stage Standard except its base frame is only 10cm (4") off the ground increasing the amount of workable pole to 2,9m (9ft 6in)! The X-Stage Lite base frame is half the weight of the X-Stage Standard. The X-Stage Lite has carrying cases for the pole, plates and base frame. The base frame case comes with wheels so transporting your X-Stage has never been easier. For extra stability you can extend the legs and add weight plates to the posts on the frame.

Once assembled, the entire X-Stage Lite unit stands at 3m (10 feet). Additional extensions can be purchased separately for lower ceiling heights. Please contact us if you have a ceiling lower than that.

The X-Stage meets all of the following requirements: portability, ease of transportation and set up, large circular dance area with no corners or sharp edges, static and spinning functions, multi piece pole tube, hi-stability for use without weight for anything but extreme moves and the most importantly, value for money. Everything needed for setup comes in your X-Stage kit and only takes a few minutes to assemble.

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  • Total Height 3m (Base 10cm - Pole 2,90m)
  • 1600mm (5’3”) Circular Stage Floor – circular (no sharp corners or flat sides)
  •  Fully Foldable – main frame folds into a bag with wheels. 2 complete X-Stages will fit in a standard car.
  • Stage Floor – 6 easy to fit floor panels that lock into place (no tools needed)
  • Pole Tube – 2 piece, screw together pole tube for easy transportation
  • Spinning Option – included at no extra cost
  • Stability – extremely stable, most moves can be done without extra weight
  • Extension Stabilizers – increase stability without the need for additional weight
  • Weight Posts – allow for the addition of ‘optional’ bar bell weights.
  • Adjustable Feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors
  • Silicone Base Pads – to prevent the stage from sliding and to protect the floor from damage
  • Side Skirts – wrap around magnetic side covers
  • Carry Case with 2 wheels – to carry the main frame, just wheel it where you want to go! (included)
  • Carry cases - for stage frame, floor panels, and pole (included)


  • Pole sets are delivered with courier at the address of your choice
  • In case of zero shipping cost please contact us at sales@devadanceshop.com

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