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Lupit Pole Stage CH/sl



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LUPIT POLE STAGE,  chrome is a portable pole dancing podium that can be assembled in just a few minutes, allowing you to use the stage wherever it suits you best: indoor or outdoor.



With Integrated Lupit Pole Quick Lock™ is a product that moves the boundaries of pole technology. Lupit Pole Quick Lock™ is a unique fast locking system, which enables a performer to change from spin to static in less than a second. 

No hex keys and no screws, just the simple twist of the locking ring on the lower bearing system. The performer can change the mode in the middle of the performance, which adds a new dimension to both, dance and choreography.

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  • Lupit Pole Quick Lock™: Spin/static mode change in less than a second (no hex key and no screws, only a half turn of a ring on the lower bearing system)
  • Excellent spin (using automotive and aerospace engineering)
  • The pole is made of two equal pieces using HQ Lupit Joints
  • Very stable and rigid construction; 6 legs - each leg has 2 adjustable disks. Outer discs are bigger and have large anti-slippery surface.
  • Easy to assemble 3-5 minutes
  • State of the art design, nice and smooth shapes
  • On the top of the pole is prepared mount for a ring for aerial silk (optional)



  • Pole sets are delivered with courier at the address of your choice
  • In case of zero shipping cost please contact us at sales@devadanceshop.com
  • H=2905 mm
  • Usable height (from podium to the top)=2810 mm
  • Diameter of the podium=1600 mm
  • Length of the legs*:
  • Short/Standard Legs;  minimum needed space diameter=1800mm
  • Total net weight=65 kg
  • Diameter of the pole = 45 mm
  • Material of the usable pole: Chrome
  • Podium: 6 pieces;
  • 3 glossy hard laminated plastic sheets
  • 3 matte hard laminated plastic sheets


  • Length of the legs*:
  • Short/Standard Legs; minimum needed space diameter=1800 mm
  • Those legs can ensure stability of the stage when 70 kg dancer spins with 0,81 revolutions (turns) per minute 1,7 meters high on the pole.

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