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Pole Theater Greece 2018

Pre purchase your tickets now for the Pole Theater Greece 2018 hosted by Rad Polewear

  • Ticket Value:  15€  

You can choose for the tickets to be delivered at your address or to pick them up from the venue the night ofthe event (only for pre-paid tickets)

(If you wish to purchase with paypal remember to add 3% fee on the payment)

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Pole Battle Tricks is a unique competition in the Pole Dancing Community where a pair of pole dancers fights each other for the best position that are free to express themselves and their own unique style through out different combos of pole tricks. It combines pole acrobatics with free style dancing and encourages creativity and individuality.

Our goal is to introduce pole dance and pole acrobatics into mainstream dance and sports around the World, positioning it as a new sport – promoting healthy lifestyle. One of our main objectives is to bring together dancers, athletes, acrobats and pole fitness into a single sport and dance that promotes new sports around the World – pole dance and pole acrobatics.

Our wish is to put on a wonderful show by demonstrating their acrobatic skills, and of course to express the way their spirit desires.

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